The Foundation

The Yasser Arafat Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization, established by Presidential decree No.5 (2007) amended in 2008, that aims at preserving the heritage and legacy of the late President Yasser Arafat among the Palestinian, Arab and friendly people.  It addresses the development of charitable, humanitarian, social and academic activities and needs of the Palestinian people.  The Foundation receives governmental support and undertakes functions of governmental nature related to the preservation of the heritage of the late President, and at the same time enjoys legal, financial and administrative independence.



The Foundation’s mission is to preserve the memory, legacy and heritage of the President and leader Yasser Arafat to benefit from it and pass it on to future generations as well as to continue his path of giving and enhance the advancement of the Palestinians on the road to realization of our national project and the building of the democratic Palestinian society.



To preserve the memory of the late President Yasser Arafat, as a leader of the Palestinian people and a symbol of the Palestinian cause, is to commemorate the historic struggle and narrative of the Palestinian people and to promote their national and democratic values. The preservation of his heritage will also contribute to the historic recording and documentation of this phase of the contemporary Palestinian struggle, in all its political, social, economic, humanitarian, local, regional and international dimensions.


Contributing to humanitarian work and support for the Palestinian people in various fields is essential and also represents continuation of the path of giving and solidarity.



The Yasser Arafat Foundation endeavors to achieve the following goals:

1. Preserve the memory and heritage of President Yasser Arafat in all components and wherever it may be, whether this heritage is material or moral, and endeavor to collect and organize this heritage, including his written and audio-visual archives, using the most recent systems and technologies in a manner in which it can be viewed by and can enrich the Palestinian, Arab and friendly peoples.

2. Contribute to the annual commemoration of the passing of the leader President.

3. Maintain the mausoleum of the late President, organizing and managing its facilities in the most efficient manner as a national and historic shrine.

4. Establish President Yasser Arafat Museum, developing and managing it in coordination with all relevant governmental and local bodies.

5. Undertake charitable, humanitarian, academic, social, cultural and other activities to serve the Palestinian people wherever they may be, particularly the women and youth sectors through specific and approved programs.

6. Encourage serious and distinguished works through presentation of the Arafat Achievement Award and encouragement and promotion of excellence in all fields, including scientific excellence.

7. Endeavor to strengthen the unity and coherence of the Palestinian people wherever they may be through preservation of the late President’s heritage and commemoration of his legacy through the Foundation’s programs in general.

8. Endeavor, via the afore-mentioned activities, to serve the Palestinian national project and to promote the national and democratic values to which the late President devoted his life.


The Yasser Arafat Foundation strategy is based on the following:

1. Commitment to the mission, vision and goals of the Foundation and the undertaking of serious work to accomplish them.

2. Adoption of methods of institutional work and modern management to promote the Foundation’s work, programs and projects and to enhance its independence to enable the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors to perform their inherent roles.

3. Employment of administrative, professional and specialized cadre to work in the Foundation and to administer its programs and projects and encouraging, developing the capabilities of and training this cadre to enhance the Foundation’s work and its professionalism.

4. Adoption of strategic planning for the Foundation, its work and projects.

5. Promotion of the principles of transparency, professionalism, financial oversight and accountability.

6. Utilization of modern techniques in the Foundation’s work, particularly in the areas of archiving and preservation of materials and also in the museum and web site.

7. Mobilization of available resources, capabilities and relations to gather the physical and moral heritage of the late President wherever it may be.

8. Benefit from the members of the Board of Trustees and Honorary Members as well as from their accomplishments and relations for enhancing the Foundation’s work, role and financial resources.

9. Enhancement of the Foundation’s financial resources, including from private and public Palestinian, Arab and friendly sources, and achievement of financial stability via the Arafat Endowment Fund to enable effective planning and implementation of its programs and to guarantee its success in achieving its goals.

10. Cooperation and coordination with the concerned Palestinian governmental bodies and with the private sector to ensure achievement of the Foundation’s programs and goals.

11. Development of the principle of partnership with the public and private sectors, as well as with civil society and Palestinian civil institutions, to ensure the planning and implementation of projects and programs and to secure continued financial support for the Foundation and its projects and the goals it strives to achieve.

12. Establishment and development of relations with Arab, regional and international institutions and bodies to reinforce the Foundation’s leading role and its active participation in relevant forums, which will contribute to the commemoration of the memory of the late President at Arab and international levels and to the mobilization of support for its projects.


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